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Beginning of an Interest

Iron and Fiberglas, 400.200. 500 Cm
Amirabad street, Tehran, Iran

    It was just the temptation of eating the forbidden fruit that made human terrene and gave him the physicality; a different being, a combination of a soul and a curious, needy body and temptational questions that originated from his senses. He had tasted the first fruit, but it was not enough. Hearing the first melody of nature, smelling the first freshness of new blossoms, taking the first sip of clear water of running springs, kissing the first tempting lips and the arms which calmed his soul and body and the feeling of love that confirmed his life on Earth.
He found the earth as a magnificent stage for a unique dance display; a romantic dance till he had filled his fardel with love and was ready for another beginning; to watch the new dancers; a repeating display of nature’s growth and the charming melody of life and the dancers who come and dance to the end. No one is aware of the end of the show, but at the end the scene is absent of dancers, the music keeps going and the trees keep growing.