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Farzane Ludovisi, فرزانه لودوویسی
Between Here and There

Part of "Walle! Walle*" exhibition
Goethe Hause, Weimar, Germany

Caza die Goethe Museum, Rome, Italy

The Iranian-born and German-based artist Farzane Vaziritabar creates a triangle connecting the busts of the Juno Ludovisi on display in Weimar and in Rome with an imagined bust in Iran to reflect on the multi-layered cultural translations of the concepts of “antiquity” and “ruins”. The Juno Ludovisi was regarded as the ideal of feminine beauty at the end of the 18th century. In an act of female empowerment, the artist creates the “Farzane Ludovisi” – a contemporary Juno inspired by the women’s rights movement in Iran with its slogan “Woman, Life, Freedom”.

In reference to Goethe’s attempts to master Persian calligraphy, Vaziritabar also produced a mail-artwork together with her mother, an Iranian-based artist trained in classical calligraphy. “Between Here and There” is an artistic exploration of the difficulty in translating political conditions and the (im-)possibility of passing on one’s cultural heritage.

  © Yavor Minchev