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FFF-  Form Follows Farzane

ZKM, Karlsruhe 2023
Maxim Gorki Theater, Berlin 2019
Shirin Art Gallery,Tehran 2019
Schiller Museum, Weimar 2019

    In a play on the famous modernist design maxim "form follows function ", I proposed "Form Follows Farzane " as its latest interpretation in 2019, one hundred years after the founding of the Bauhaus. The project, despite several exhibitions in both Germany and Iran, is still being developed, not just as a sarcastic look at the famous slogan of modernists or "Form Follows Function", but to introduce a comprehensive account.  So far, I have created works in different formats, and on the one hand, tried to show a contemporary look on the Bauhaus movement and free myself from its defined function. In this project, I have created works whose form is either obtained by an action of my body or is somehow connected to me. By illustrating how forms are shaped or reshaped in every interaction, I challenge the relationship between object and subject. Elements such as time, mass, volume, fullness, and surface or a combination of these, may change in the process.
  © Felix Grünschloß captured the photo at ZKM