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Light shades

Iron and braid-Valiasr Street, Valiasr stree,Tehran, Iran

    There have been several light poles along the sidewalk in the street. These lights have been off for at least 10 years and the municipality have not been interested in repairing and turning them on. So, they were considered as extra objects in the rather dark street. So, the potential of these unused poles drew my attention for beatifying the street.

    Some geometrical shapes are designed to evoke the rays of light with various colors for about 60 of the light poles, mainly to create the sense of missing light for the observers. The materials of the structures are chiefly from metal and braided thread.

    The reactions of pedestrians were very noteworthy. Some people mentioned, we have been passing this place for a long time, but we did not even know there exist these light poles. Almost for all of them – Especially the shop assistants near the site- it was very pleasurable to see the light pole with the new design. The form, the colors and the concept seemed to attract all the people passing by. That was generally an outstanding experience to turn the unused light poles into more attractive objects in a public place in my city.