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One out of fifty frames, 21 x 29.7 cm, rapid pen and colored pencil, 300/g paper

    There he is, standing before me. He who has crossed elegantly the age of 100 is staring at faraway views. He certainly has many memories of the people like me who have spent years in waiting to meet him. Each visible wrinkle under the shade of his hat is reminiscent of the emotional decades such as glorious 1930's or the sad post-war days of statement.

    The ambience of his room is saturated with an inaccessible, mysterious, and honorable history. The soft sound of an industrial music, big scrolls, shelves of books, paintings hung on wall, all say soundlessly of his raison d'etre. His body seems perfect from under his long coat and his features are fascinating. I stand beside him, immersing myself in his vista. The simplicity of geometric elements and the crazy assault of the color gravitate me into his world. I welcome myself to be in your universe, Mr. Bow.