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Small Scales

Stond and paper, 140.55.30 Cm, Ed 1/1

There are small scales in our lives that, despite their small size, affect our lived experience in terms of function and aesthetic sense, but may be less seen because of the small scale. "Small Scales" is an arrangement of small stones that are freely created between the dialogue of nature, culture and our collective memory.
This arrengment was developed through the message and intractio; I asked the audience to write their memoirs on colored paper and place it in the work of their choice.                                                                                                                                 

©Ahmad Mokari

Birth of Iron

Stone and Iron, 150.150.14 Cm, Ed1/1  

King of Persia

Stone and Iron, 70.30.12 Cm, Ed1/1  

Woman from South

Stone, 76.36.18 Cm, Ed1/1